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WRC, Pune


ICHR WRC Pune inaugural ceremony was held on 2nd December 2016 at the Deccan College. The date for the function was selected keeping in mind the Annual conference of Indian Art History Congress which was scheduled in the same campus from 1-3rd December 2016. This gave an opportunity to invite renowned scholars from all the India.

ICHR has recently shifted its Western Regional Centre from Mumbai to Pune. The Centre is established at the Deccan College Post Graduate and Research Institute which is a premier Post Graduate Institute of Archaeology, Linguistics, Sanskrit and Lexicography.

The function was inaugurated by Professor Y. Sudershan Rao Chairman, ICHR and the Chancellor Deccan College Professor Arvind P. Jamkhedkar.

As the ICHR’s activities expanded, it was felt that some of its research and academic  should be decentralized so that the ICHR could be brought closer to the historians of this region. The Western Regional Centre has been complementing the work of ICHR by actively taking part in various research schemes of ICHR. The Centre’s endeavour has been to promote scientific research in history in western part of India.

Lecture Series Programme





The Centre organized a 10 Day Workshop on Epigraphy and Manuscriptlogy of  Western India With Special Reference to Devanagari and Modi) from 2nd  to 11th  May 2017 in collaboration with Deccan College, Post Graduate Research Institute, Pune.

The workshop was divided into various sessions. In all total 27 broad topics were covered in nine days by inviting experts from Sanskrit, Prakrit, Marathi, Devanagari, Nandinagari, Brahmi, Nagari, Modi Script, Historiography, Epigraphy and Indology. Total 35 scholars were invited from different parts of the country to attend the workshop.


Book Exhibition


The exhibition counter of the ICHR publications was put up at inaugural function of 10 day, Workshop on Epigraphy and Manuscriptology of Western India (with special reference to Devanagari and Modi Script) on 2nd May 2017at Deccan College, Post Graduate Research Institute, Pune.


JRF Examination


The Centre coordinated to conduct the JRF Entrance Examination (2017) in Pune on 26th February (2017).